"...The search for a correlation between landscape space and an emotional interpretation of the natural world has become her trademark.

Her recent works depict the human being, but in a non-literal way..."

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Marta Wasilewska-Frągnowska was born on the August 28th, 1983 in Olsztyn. She is a Graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Olsztyn and of Artistic Education in the field of plastic arts at the University of Warmia and Mazury.

Diploma with honours in painting entitled "Marina" was created in the painting studio of Professor Z. Droński (2008). In 2009 she received a scholarship from the Mayor of Olsztyn.

She is the author of many individual exhibitions, among others at: "Światowid" Centre for Culture and International Cooperation (Elbląg, 2007), "Obora" gallery (Glotowo 2008), Cultural Centre (Dobre Miasto 2008), Polish-French Centre (Olsztyn, 2010), MOK (Ząbki 2012), "Gallery of One Picture", Museum of Warmia and Mazury (Olsztyn 2012), "Art on the Floor" gallery (Olsztyn, 2012), "Schody" gallery (Warsaw 2014),BWA gallery (Olsztyn. 2015).

She is the author of group exhibitions, including: "Jazzteaval" (Dobre Miasto 2009, 2012), "Master and pupil" (Reszel 2012), "Stories with nature in the background" - Atelier of the Theatre Hall of the Faculty of Humanities (Olsztyn 2013), Gallery "Artforum", (Offenburg, Germany 2013), Kunsthaus Weiz (Weiz, Austria 2016).

In 2013 she received her doctorate in art at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

The subject of her artistic explorations is mainly landscape. The search for the relation between landscape space and the emotional interpretation of the natural world has become her trademark. Her most recent works depict human beings, however, in a non-literal way. Through numerous symbols, the artist tries to present dreams and individual and social fears. In doing so, she attempts to tame her deepest fascinations and nostalgias. For her, painting is also a struggle with the primal force and energy pulling man towards nature, towards special places in search of fulfilment and the sacred.

The artist's latest works can be viewed on her website www.wasilewskafragnowska.blogspot.com

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