There are two pools available to visitors in the Pacółtowo Palace Complex: a year-round pool located in the palace cellars and an outdoor 25-metre summer pool (the so-called small Olympic pool).

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No matter the season, there is no better way to soothe the body and soul.

At the Pacółtowo Palace Complex, we have two swimming pools at our guests' disposal.

The first of these pools - the year-round one - is located in the palace cellars and is accessible all year round. Swimming surrounded by the austere cellar walls, the soft, warm light and the discreet sound of the water is a very interesting experience. The pool is equipped with counter waves and water spouts. There is also a Turkish bath in the pool area.

The summer pool, set in a park setting and picturesque hills with its unique length of as much as 25 metres, provides incredible swimming fun. The subtle sounds of nature combined with the hot sunshine and refreshing water are truly unique. Staff serve drinks by the pool and a menu from the palace restaurant.


Every Guest of the Pacółtowo Palace can find the perfect way to spend their free time. Masuria is an incredibly beautiful place and it is worth enjoying the local greenery and beautiful views - that is why in the spring and summer seasons we encourage you to use the outdoor swimming pool.

The Dylewskie Hills, at the foot of which the Pacółtowo Palace is situated, make for an exceptionally beautiful and secluded place, which is perfect for relaxation. Some of our guests choose active leisure, others prefer relaxation in the Wellness zone.


The atmospheric cellars of the Palace house the indoor swimming pool. Their design makes it a place of extraordinary charm and a soothing atmosphere. Swimming enthusiasts can use the pool as an alternative to many different winter activities or as a pleasant way to relax in the evening after an active day outdoors.

Take the opportunity to use the Wellness area, which allows you to fully relax and regenerate during your stay at the Palace.

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