Car excursions

Get to know the historical monuments and cultural heritage of the surrounding area with a leisurely car trip. We will assist you in choosing the best destinations and routes.


Of the many local attractions in the region we especially recommend a visit to:

Olsztynek (20 km) – a charming town and home to the Museum of Vernacular Architecture, where you can see examples of the characteric architecture of Warmia, Masuria, Sambia and Little Lithuania - with their residential houses, churches and agricultural/industrial complexes.

Działdowo (40km) – a quaint country town known as the ‘gate to the Great Masurian Lakes’. You will be delighted by its beautiful regional architecture and late-medieval streets built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The 18th century town hall and castle, both testament to the strong presence of the Teutonic Knights in the area, are definitely worth a visit. Likewise, a visit to the Interactive Museum of the Teutonic Order is a highly recommended.

Stare Jabłonki (30 km) – an engaging village where you can visit the Tabernas Pine nature reserve, and discover the forest bunkers that formed part of Olsztyn's medieval defence line. Nearby, Lake Szeląg Mały represents the beginning of the Elbląg Canal waterway.

Ostróda (26 km) – surrounded by lakes this picturesque town is well worth a visit. Of particular interest is the local stretch of the Ostródzko-Elbląg Channel. It is both long and boasts some of the most advanced canal technology in Europe. Two sluices and five ramps bridge a 99m difference in water levels, and special trolleys convey the vessels along. Ostróda also boasts many older attractions - a castle, architectural monuments, the 14th century Church of Sts. Dominica Savio. For lovers of extreme sports there is a wakeboarding funpark on Lake Drwęcki.

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